Where’s Arthur?

Hi, I’m Arthur and I am here!


If you haven’t met me yet, I am a Black and White Border Collie and I am not yet two years old, so I am really just a big puppy. So It’s ok that sometimes I get called a ‘clumsy oaf’ or, ‘watch your big paws’. Most of the time I am quite graceful, honest! I only sometimes get told off by Arran because I barrelled into him, it’s just not as easy as you might think to find your breaks. Especially when you are built to run and leap around after sheep (or tennis balls), like I am. Do you know what sheep are? They are animals that you can find out in the outside, they just roam around the countryside, for some reason and they are very important ‘Leave Its’. Which means you cannot chase them or even look like you might chase them or even get too close to them. When I was younger I would get treats and my special toys for doing good ignorings of the sheep and looking at my people instead. Now I just walk past them like they are a bush or something, only, I don’t leave any pee mail on them.

I really like to try hard to do what my people want me to do, because I like to figure things out.

Mum said we should call this post Where’s Arthur because it sums me up quite well. I love going outside and exploring new places so much that Mum and Dad invented a game for themselves. They say it’s a bit like a game called Where’s Wally/Waldo, only there aren’t lots of people in it, usually just undergrowth, and you have to spot my ears.

Want a go?

An easy one

That’s me, exploring Drigg beach. That was an easy one as you can see more than just my ears, sometimes I make it really hard.

Here I am with some of my family. That’s my Mum with the red bally. Bally’s are great, she has good taste, doesn’t she? then there’s my sister and my Granddam and an Uncle.

Where’s Arthur?

For some reason I really feel a strong need to gather things up into groups and then to lie there staring at them incase they move. That is called herding, apparently, and I am a natural at it, don’t you think? It is especially fun to herd Arran. He doesn’t mind most of the time and he tries to chase me when I come past.

One more go!

Where’s Arthur? Again.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit more.

love, Arthur!

Pee Ess from Mum. Thank you for coming to visit, it has been so nice to hear from old friends again. I’m trying to keep up  a posting rhythm.



10 thoughts on “Where’s Arthur?

  1. Pleased to meet you Arthur. We are shelties: blue Merle (me,Merlin) & River is a small sable but she is a girl. She barks a lot. We have seen sheep & thought we were supposed to do something with them but mum wouldn’t let us experiment. This herding sounds interesting . our mum says leave it a lot – do all people do that?? We like your people’s game: I think you are better at it than us.
    Bye for now
    Merlin & River


    1. Hi Merlin and River, great to meet you and Mum and Arran say to say hi again. Hope you’ve all been well and happy! Oh yeah, I think all people say leave it. It’s their favourite words, I think!


  2. You are good. We had to really look in that last photo!
    Dui, channels his inner sheepdog around sheep and has to be kept on the lead. He loves chasing them Terriers can’t be trusted. So we think you are fantastic!


  3. Nice to meet you, Arthur! You are a very handsome puppy:) Bet you and Arran have lots of fun together.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  4. Hi Arthur, really glad you and Arran are back. I had a hard time finding you in the last picture. You really like to lie and wait. Is that your inner sheepdog or inner wolf coming out?


  5. Great to meet you Arthur! I think you are very restrained, walking past sheep as if they were a bush. I always want to chase them and so am put on a lead if one is as close as a hundred miles away!
    Toodle pip!
    PS Did you know that when she was a child Gail had a guinea pig called Arthur? He lived to be eight years old.


    1. 8 years is a long time Bertie! Gail must have taken good care of her Arthur. Honestly, inside i still want to chase them. Sometimes they bunch themselves up and start walking to a gate when I come past. Mum says they recognise me.


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