Happy Scan-aversary, Squiggly!


It me, Arran. A whole year ago Mum showed us this picture and used it to announce on that facebook place that squiggly would be joining us. We did not think much of it at the time and it took him a long time to appear after this.

An ultrasound of a baby

Now squiggly much much bigger and he is on the outside. So he is much more interesting than that piccure now. Although, I think he was pretty interesting to Mum and TND even then. When he first came home he was just a small squiggly and he could not do much at all, except for make a funny screechy sound and squiggle about a bit.

That is how he got his name of squiggly. He sure smelled very interesting though and I knew it was very important for me to look after him. When babies first arrive lots of people who are not family seem to come to the house and they want to touch the baby.

Arthur thought it was great to have new people who might throw a toy, or stroke us, but I made sure I got between the intruders and squiggly and protected him. Mum said it be alright that they could hold him and stuff as they were people called midwives, who help make sure new babies are doing ok, but I made sure I was on hight alert and lied in between squiggly and the midwives as I did not think Mum was doing a very good job of guarding him. I also made sure Mum was looking after him by whining at her if she did not fix squiggly when he was making the wailing sound. He can make all different sounds now. Although he still cannot do words. I am waiting until he can say ‘yes’ (yes is our word that gets used instead of a click sometimes, so you know you did the right thing), or ‘walk’  because those are the important ones that people use.

I might have to wait a while though. Did you know that human puppies take a very long time to grow? Squiggly has only been sitting up for a couple of months but when I came home I learned how to do a sit on my second day here. See?

I was soo adorable! That’s why I can get away with being a scamp and doing things like biting people feets. Haha!

Good sit squiggly!

I think one day he might be as clever as me, he has already learnt how to look around Arthur’s big head getting in the way all the time. BOL! Maybe Mum needs to give him better treats to drop- I mean- motivate him. I bet he would like some roast beef. Oh, what’s that Mum, me, scruffy? You know there is no point brushing me, it is so windy and rainy that I’ll just end up like this next time I go out. Honest, I will!

Happy scannaversary Squiggly,
From your bro-furs
Arran and Arthur!


9 thoughts on “Happy Scan-aversary, Squiggly!

  1. That Squiggly sure is a cutie!!! He has mastered his sit so very well. We bet you are both going to have so much fun with him as he grows and learns to walk and talk.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  2. Hey Arran and Arthur, just wait til your squiggly starts running around, he’ll be a ton of fun. We just had a new squiggly join our family with two more on the way.

    Arran, you were such a cute puppy!


  3. Happy anniversary to Squiggly! Bipeds don’t learn nearly as fast as we do! He’ll need you two to teach him all the good stuff!
    Good job protecting him!
    PS: We loved seeing Ludo in that video!!!


  4. hello arran its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy belayted scanaversary to your skwiggly!!! i am shoor that eventchooally he wil be pritty klever but lets fayse it shelties and border collies ar pritty sharp so i hav a feeling you wil hav the edj for a wile!!! ha ha ok bye


  5. Hi Arran! That is a very cute Squiggly you have there. Good thing your Mum has you around, though, to make sure that everything is safe for him. I loved watching the video of you learning to sit on Day 2. I also loved watching Ludo being so good while you were getting all those treats, and I loved loved loved those little devil horns on his head when he looked at the camera at the end. Kinda got leaky eyes at that point. You’re a good boy Arran! Thanks for keeping us up to date with all the doings of your lovely family.


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