Where are we, Wednesday?


Welcome back to Where are we wednesday.

Last time, some of you, Bertie, Penny and Helen, very correctly guessed we were in Bourton-on-the-water in the Cotswolds. *claps* But I think ‘in the water’ was close enough!

This time can you guess where we are?





Highlight below for a clue.

If you would like a clue we are over looking Ruskin’s favourite lake and

what we are on has something to do with felines.



11 thoughts on “Where are we, Wednesday?

  1. Once again we don’t know but Mom says it looks a lot more inviting with that sunshine than our cold snowy yard:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  2. YAY! “In the water”!!! We got it right ! Awesome.
    Wow, what a beautiful shot!
    So this time … our answer is … on a windy hill!!! Oh. The hint. Right. Umm…. with that song stuck in your heads? You know the one! “Felines! Nothing more than felines …”
    Oh, wait. Cam said that’s “Feelings”, not “Felines”. Rats!
    OK, then. My guess of “on a windy hill” stands, then!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher


  3. All I really knew was in the Lake District but with your clue and little Google sleuthing, I’m going to say on Cat Bells over looking Derwent Water. I like how they call them waters.

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  4. Bowsers, hope you are doing well. It sure looks like you are having fun. Having a small hooman around will make your lives interesting.


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