A kind of Snow

Hurro Efurrybody!

Arthur here, with a weather report! You might know that it has been snowing in the UK in recent weeks. I have never seen this snow thing. Well, once I saw it falling from the sky, but it did not stay on the ground like in the pictures and I did not like it very much because it was strange and cold!

Our part of the UK hasn’t had any snow. But we have had lots of wind and sometimes when it is windy, the sea makes some snow.


Mum thinks it is funny. We don’t mind it because you can run right through it, it is a bit wet, but not as wet as the water. Is that what snow is like?

Still frothy

We found grandpawents and their dog Rusty at the beach. Isn’t it funny how people we know just appear when we go different places? You has to stay very alert because you might miss seeing someone. Recently our Dad went skiing, where they have lots of snow, but we made sure we kept looking for him out on our walks because sometimes we find him, even though we didn’t set off with him. Human’s must be telepathic or something, to know what each other are doing, or maybe they have their own version of peemail.

Have you ever seen sea snow?

We missed ‘Where are We Wednesday’ last week as Squiggly decided he doesn’t like sleeping at the moment, I’ve been sleeping downstairs so I can get a good night’s sleep! Bertie and Helen, you both got it right again!!

Yous is so clever!

Love, Arthur!



10 thoughts on “A kind of Snow

  1. We once saw sea snow on Aberdeen beach. Today we drove all the way from Aberdeen to Nottingham and saw lots of real snow in Central and Southern Scotland, and on the high bits of the A66.
    Toodle pip!


  2. I’ve seen sea snow but not my boys. I wonder what they would make of it? We are getting the other kind of snow here today; it is cold but not as wet as water that is until it melts.

    I wouldn’t have known where you were without your hint and Google.


  3. That sea snow looks so frothy and soft – we would love to race through it too, especially since we are very snow-deprived again this winter!!! Mom says Squiggly must be getting some new teeth:) Hope the sleeping at night returns soon.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  4. Sea snow looks very funny you guys, cause it moves around almost as much as Squiggley! We have lots of snow over here, you can see me playing in it on FB and I suppose mama will get around to blogging about the wet white stuff eventually. She doesn’t like it much but I think it’s wonderful! – your gal pal Katie


  5. hello arthur and arran its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow i never eeven herd of sea sno and hav definitly never seen it!!! i hav never seen enny sno at all eksept on teevee!!! however trixie has described it for me it sownds rather kold!!! ok bye


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