Walking at Ennerdale

Hi, It’s Arthur!

We lives in a place called the Lake District and it has a lot of lakes.

It not very imaginatively named, but that’s what happens when you let peoples name things and not dogs. I think I would have named it Happyjumpygrassysniffywater land, or maybe Arthur land. Which rolls off the tongue much better I thinks.

We like to walk the most at a Lake called Ennerdale, partly because it does not take too long to get there in the Arthur mobile but also because it has nice flat paths for the squiggly transportation device. Did you know I once got concussion from jumping into the Arthur mobile? Well I did, I had to go to the vet and get a light shone in my eyes and get medicine. I banged my head just above my eye so I had a bald spot for an eyebrow for a while. That is why it is important to wait to jump into places until the door is all the way open, or until your Mum says ‘ok’ which means you don’t have to wait anymore, even if you are REALLY excited and REALLY good at jumping.

Do you want to see Ennerdale?

Dog leaping into water

It is wet, huh? Lots of fun. I swim in it. I used to be a bit scared to swim in it and sometimes if we go to a new bit I still am, but Dad taught me by throwing things in for me and I really like to get things. Arran does not, he like to wait on the shore and attack me when I get out of the water. It is very tricky to get past him!

Happyjumpygrassysniffywater Land, I love you!

A border collie

dog in long grass

running dog

But I usually manage, because I am bigger than him and I can just jump over him if I have to.

Mum usually makes us stop and pose for photos.

Wait, Arran wasn’t ready!
dogs posing at ennerdale
That’s better

And close ups.

Border collie

A sheltie's face

But every time we stop to pose we get to run about and chase each other. Which is so much fun!

Backlit dogs on path

racing dogs

There are not usually too many people at Ennerdale, so we can charge about all over the place without having to dodge around anyone!

Where’s your favourite walk?

Love, Arthur!


13 thoughts on “Walking at Ennerdale

  1. We like your name for that Lake area a lot better – much more descriptive!!! We haven’t ever jumped in some water, but you sure make it look like fun. Hope Little Squiggly is doing a better job of sleeping at night for Mum.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  2. Oh Arthur! I think I might be getting a little crush on you. You remind me a bit of Angel Ludo, just a bit mind you, because you certainly are very much your own guy. I enjoyed getting to know you while you showed us around your lake!

    Anyway, love those mountains and especially love that photo of you hiding in the tall grasses! What a wonderful place! Katie has her park that she likes to walk in, though it’s not nearly as stunning as your lake! And I have a favorite park I like to go to that does have a lake, but much smaller than your lake. And we have a place where we can walk in the woods when it’s not hunting season, that’s pretty special too.


    1. I am channeling Ludo’s grammar skills a little bit! Because I keep hearing how clever he was. Mum says I am quite like Ludo because we both share a zest for life and although we love people we have an independent streak.
      Love Arthur!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes we think your name is better too. And by the way, what’s with the ‘Water’ thing – almost none of the lakes in the Lake District are called Lake something or other. So confusing.
    We love your photos today. As for a favourite walk, well it is so difficult to chose.
    Toodle pip!


  4. You guys have such cool places to go walking. We have interesting places too but not many where doggies can be off leash. Not that I would trust Keltic, he can remember every place he’s seen a squirrel.


  5. We like your sniffy waterland! Merlin: I have been to the Lakes but River hasn’t yet. Our BEST walk is beach walking in Wales – Aberdyfi & Ynyslas. River: I like to paddle, sniff, chase Merlin and run really fast through the dunes. Have fun on your walks


  6. hello arthur and arran its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am not a fan of water so i wood not reely want to vizzit the layk distrikt however i wood totaly sine up for happyjumpygrassysniffywater land!!! ok bye


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