Optimal Positioning

Hurro, it’s me, Scamp!

The last couple of months, Squiggly has started eating real life food and not just milk. He eats a lot of things like vegetables,


but I am not fussy at all, whilst it is better to get things that smell good like bacon and bread, I am not too proud to eat a pea, or well, anything! But, being part of a pack, it is important to get what TND (our Dad) calls ‘Optimal Positioning’ 


Dog under highchair
Not Optimal

You might think I am in a very good position here. Well, I thought so too. I am as close as I can possibly get. Ready to sneak out and get the food no matter which direction it falls in. But, let me show you why this is not ‘Optimal Position.’

Food on back. Not in mouth

Yes. Food on back, not in mouth. That is the wrong place for food to be. It got all stuck in my fur and Mum had to pull it out. It was omelette, so it would have tasted good too.

Optimal Position achieved!

Much better. I am also making sure I am firmly between Arthur and the Squiggly. Because this way I do not have to growl and make sheltie angry faces at him to make him move away. Mum doesn’t like it when I do that by Squiggly’s feet. Plus it is not fair if Arthur gets nearest because he can do this.

Which is not very fair!

Dog with his nose at highchair level
Arthur has a big head!

Squiggly is being a very good boy at the moment and he is very generous and gives us lots of stuff. Sometimes Mum says ‘leave it’ (you gotta be quick with Mum), especially if he drops his spoon because at first we ate a couple of those, plus Mum likes to go wash them when they fall on the floor.

Good luck everyfur on achieving Optimal Positioning, whether it be by a highchair, a normal chair, a kitchen counter, or maybe someone eating an ice cream. I learnt my skills from my brofur Ludo who had really mastered the head on knee trick, but I’m a little too anxious about needing to look at the food to do that.

-Wiggles, Arran!


8 thoughts on “Optimal Positioning

  1. Arran, I regret to have to inform you that Gail is guffawing her heart out at your trials and tribulations regarding optimal positioning. But not to worry pal, you have my (food free) back.
    Toodle pip!


  2. We all know how to do that head on the knee trick very well – it works great with Dad, not so much with Mom. Our Angels Dakota, Phantom, and Thunder had the great privilege of optimal positioning several years ago when Mom had three of the granchildren here as little squgglies:) Oh, what goodies they enjoyed under the three high chairs.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  3. Oh Arran, you are making me laugh! Optimal positioning! Why Katie has that down pretty good herself, though sometimes when I’m cooking and she’s right next to me I DO drop stuff that gets in her fur. Once we were out grilling and she got red barbecue sauce all over her white fur. I had to take her to the groomer, so be careful. Excellent advice above about watching the hands!


  4. Optimal positioning. Does it work for humans in traffic also? Not in terms of sustenance, but in terms of racing off first when the lights change? I’ll have to think about this terminology… It seems infinitely useful.


  5. Very instructional – we don’t have a squiggly to practice on but we’re sure this will be useful. Merlin: River gets lots by being pushy, I prefer “the look” that says Mum doesn’t feed me enough. Happy positioning!


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