Where are we Wednesday?


Here’s a Where are We Wednesday that is also a Throw back Thursday.

Here’s our Angel Brother Ludo in front of a building in England, where people go to do learnings. Mum has been reading a new Philip Pulman book, which made her think of this visit.

Original post: Here!

Hey, WordPress told us we made 10 posts. Ludo would be proud. Or maybe annoyed that we ‘is doing the blog’ now.

Well, I be a bit proud and a bit annoyed. But i know it still my blog really!

Love, Arthur and Arran!


5 thoughts on “Where are we Wednesday?

  1. Hmmn, we remember Ludo visiting the people university – But we were more interested in the market with good things to eat. Just thinking about it makes us both hungry


  2. We remember Ludo visiting people university & it looked like that but we were more interested in the market with lots of food – we’re feeling hungry just thinking about it.


  3. Hey, Arthur and Arran, ten posts already! Congratulations. I think Ludo would be pleased that all the people around the world who remember him with affection can see that life goes on. BTW, I replied to your interesting question about the fruit Penny and I saw, and I thought I’d reproduce the answer here so you don’t have to go searching around my blog. I said:

    Hey, Arran, Arthur and Mum, what a great question. I had always thought this tree was poisonous (did a quick internet search in the early days of the internet), and that’s why I wouldn’t plant it in my schoolyard. I still wouldn’t plant it after reading this site. http://www.eattheweeds.com/maclura-pomifera-the-edible-inedible-2/

    But, wow! What an interesting fruit it is.

    BTW, what a nice memory of Ludo. I think it’s great that our dogs are able to express their personalities.


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