Watch Arthur grow

Hurro, it’s me, Little Scamp!

Now about being little… we thought you might like to see some photos of Arthur growing. Mum stopped taking them after he’d got bigger than me. As you can see, I am smiling whilst he is smaller than me. But not once I realised he was going to be bigger! He was a lot easier to keep under paw when he was small. Although now I can walk right under him without touching, which is handy too.

As you can see, he also grew some spots on his legs. Mum calls them naughty spots and I agree. Although Mum says I am still the most Scampish.



Some of our family think he was a very serious looking puppy and because of his black and white suit he looked like a school boy. Although he is very good at learning (Mum says he is something called earnest) he is not really very serious. He was quite goofy and clumsy actually. But he does like to get things right which is why he is concentrating a lot in these photos.

Lickies, Arran!


8 thoughts on “Watch Arthur grow

  1. River: I know how you feel, Arran – Merlin is much bigger than me but I’m much faster and fit through smaller spaces. Small is good

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  2. It was fun to see Arthur to grow and grow and grow. Timber is a lot like that – he always looks serious, but he is a little imp too.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

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