Waww? Stone Circle!

Welcome to Where are we Wednesday! It’s me, little Scamp, to tell you!

We went to a place that Mum still had to tick off her ‘Cumbrian bucket list’ of famous places in Cumbria. Mum is not from Cumbria originally so there are lots of things she hasn’t done yet. Can you guess where we are going? Click the read more thingy to find out!

a man and two dogs walking towards stones

dogs at a stone circle

Getting closer…



This is called Castlerigg Stone Circle. It is veryveryveryvery old! Maybe about 5000 years old which is super old for a dog! I can’t even think about how many days that is! You can read more about it by clicking here. Me and Arthur left some peemail on one of the stones and ran around a bit. But mostly we didn’t really understand why we had stopped to look at the stones and because it was so windy we didn’t want to stop much for photos. There had been a lot of people there though so there was good sniffings to do. In fact, a whole group of people turned up just after us. The stones are in a very nice big field and there are no sheep in there yet so we got to run around lots.


richedogsstonecircleThe  weather was a bit confusing though as it was sometimes sunny, sometimes very windy, and then it started to snow! Squiggly kept moving his head around and almost knocking his hat off. But he was wrapped up nice and cozy. We went over a funny bit of wall to get out the other side of Castlerigg and  I had to get carried over, just like Squiggly did. Arthur likes to figure things out himself though and once he had done it once he got very excited about it and did it three more times. He is such a show off!





What is happening to the weather?!


We had a nice time getting blown about and the peoples liked looking at the scenery so it was a good walk, even with the funny weather and the looking at the stones.

Lickies, Arran!



7 thoughts on “Waww? Stone Circle!

  1. That was a very fun adventure for all of you. We haven’t seen a snowflake in a very long time. Spring is just about to burst here.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

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  2. Wow! That was just amazing! We loved going along with you, Arran, and your family to see this place. I think it is very mysterious. Good thing you left some pee-mail so that all the doggies coming after you knew you had already checked the place out. Good thing you brought the humans to take such fantastic pictures too, so we could all enjoy!

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  3. Wow, that’s a really cool stone circle. I was more impressed by Avebury than by Stonehenge. Looks like you even had snow on your strange weather day. I might be in the UK for work this year, don’t know where though yet.


  4. Mum went to this stone circle before we were born – in fact before she had dogs! We don’t think she would have had much fun without us. Glad you had a good day, even with the confusing weather


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