Happy Birthday Arthur!

Hello |Efurrybody!

It’s me, Arthur. Do you know, I had another gettoopenthings day. Just like that Christmas thing we had not to long ago apart from only I got to open things! It was called My Birthday. Now I am two years old and all grown up. I still get called puppy though, no matter how big I get.

Guess what was inside my thing to open?

Lots of ballies. I also got a stuffy toy but Arran opened that one. So I guess he also got to open things, but he opened it in the living room so I didn’t see him do it.



We also went on a very nice walk over some cliffs by the beach. We have been having very hot and sunny weather here and our peoples really like it. We have been spending lots of time in the garden. Sometimes it gets a bit too hot and we can only have walkies in the evening or morning but it was not too bad on my birthday day.


Speaking of ballies, you may not know this, but I really like ballies. Like, really a lot! Ever since Squiggly first came home I thought to myself, ‘Hurrah! Someone else to throw ballies for me’ Only, I was wrong because squiggly could not throw anything! You would thing a tiny little human has got to be really good at throwing ballies, right? But no, they are not, no matter how much I tried.


Recently, squiggly finally learnt how to throw. In this picture below you might think that is not a ballie that he is about to throw but it is, it is just a stick shaped ballie. Ballies come in lots of different shapes.

Good boy Squiggly!

He cannot throw very far, but I don’t mind. It is the staring and waiting and then getting part that I like best. Squiggly is not very indiscriminate in what he throws though and some things are baby-things-not-dog-things or notyours as my brofur Ludo used to call them, so I am not allowed to fetch those. Some of them also break and then they get put up on the annoying shelf. The annoying shelf is above the stareatbox and is where my toys get put for some reason when I am playing with them by squeaking them a lot, or putting them under the sofa. It is the annoying shelf because then I can not get them and that is very annoying.

Anyway, to sum up, I had a really great birthday!

Love, all grown up Arthur!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Arthur!

  1. Belated Happy Birthday Arthur. We are sure that Squiggly will soon be a perfectly trained thrower of ballies (and other things) Especially as he has you to train him.
    We have been enjoying lovely weather too, here in Aberdeen. (That’s not a phrase you’ll hear very often).
    Toodle pip!


  2. YAY! Happy birthday, Arthur!!! That’s really cool that Squiggly is starting to throw things for you! I’m just starting to learn this concept of “notyours” from some of the small bipeds in our neighborhood. They all come over to see me and I love them — especially these two boys — but this one little girl has a stuffed toy with her THAT I WANT. BADLY. My mom keeps telling me it’s “notyours”. Harumph. It doesn’t seem fair sometimes, does it?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher


  3. OMD, where did the time go? Happy Happy birthday, big boy Arthur!!
    Oh, which part of Canada are your humans going to visit? Hope they will have fun over here.

    Momo & Pinot xo


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