Dog Agility

Hurro! Arthur here!


We sure kept you waiting a long time to find out where we were in this last photo! Mum got real busy all of a sudden. I think it happened at about the same time Squiggly learnt how to walk… but I could be wrong.

We were actually at Agility! Every year Mum goes to a big agility show called Lune and Dad comes along and we all get to stay in a hotel. I have stayed in one hotel before in Scotland and I really liked it. Now, since this photo I have stayed in four hotels! Hotels sure are funny. They are like being in your own house, except you have to go on a car ride to get to them. You are in a big house with other people where they sometimes bring you food. You all get to stay in a bedroom together and you eat your dinner in there instead of in the kitchen. In fact, you are not even allowed in hotel kitchens, can you imagine that at home? I don’t know if my peoples are allowed in them, I have never seen them go in there but who knows what they get up to when they go out by themselves!

Anyway, back to agility. I have been doing agility shows since the start of summer. I started off pretty well and I even got this thing that I am not allowed to play with but Mum seems to like. Arran has already got some and now I have one too.

I really like agility. It is SO exciting. First we have to wait and watch the other dogs run around which makes me want to run around and then me and Mum get our turn and  we run and jump and bark together. I am supposed to listen to the directions Mum gives me, but it doesn’t really matter if I don’t. I get a bit too excited sometimes whilst waiting my turn and I bark at other dogs in the queue and Mum says then my excitement is turning to stress. We need to work on that a bit. But Mum thinks I could be really good one day.

The other good thing about agility shows is that I got to meet up with some of my siblings at them. This is my brother Theo.


And this is my sister Luna.


Can you tell which black and white collie I am? Mum can tell me from a line up because of the back smudge on my nose.

I think we might get to do one show over winter, but if not, that’s it till April now!

Sorry that we have been absent!

Love, Arthur!


7 thoughts on “Dog Agility

  1. Glad to hear from you Arthur – hotels are good but it’s not natural to be banned from kitchens, is it? Well done for your agility but I agree it’s hard not to bark at other dogs when you are waiting for your go!


  2. Agility sounds like a lot of fun to us. Mom has always wished she could have tried it with us sibes, but she says she is too old to be able to do all that running around:) Good to see you all again today.
    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  3. This sounds so wonderful. You must love staying at all these different hotels. It must be so much fun catching up with your brother Theo and sister Luna. We hope you do a great job. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.


  4. Wow, you and your brother look a lot alike. Keltic gets excited about agility, that’s probably why we just got out of Advanced this year. We did our last agility trial for the year this weekend.


  5. Charlee: “Hello Arthur! Dennis used to tell us that he did agility too in his younger days, running through tunnels and over bridges and things like that.”
    Chaplin: “I always thought he was just trying to impress us on account of how we run through tunnels and over bridges and straight up poles and such, all of which is very agile. But I guess that dog agility really is a thing after all.”
    Charlee: “Of course it is, Chaplin. Dennis wouldn’t fib to us.”
    Chaplin: “You are so naive, Charlee.”
    Charlee: “Anyway, congratulations on your ribbon! I’m sure it was fun seeing your siblings, too!”
    Chaplin: “Yes, we know all about being mistaken for your brother or sister. It happens to us all the time, even after we got the pink and blue collars to help people tell us apart.”
    Charlee: “I think we all need name tags!”


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