Merry Crispmas!

It’s the day before the big day! We spotted our presents already and now we are taking it in turns to try and steal them. Got to keep the peoples on their toes!

Arthur already opened one of his (that was actually Arran’s) and Squiggly half opened one of his too. Maybe next year they will get hidden better! We are excited for the day as we know there are pigs ears wrapped up for us.


Sadly, our rabbit sisfur Faline went to the bridge in October so she didn’t get to be in the photo this year, but Molly is still going strong at 13 and a half.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good night!

Crisp Mas Again!

Crisp mas is here, Crisp mas is here!

It’s me, little Scamp! I don’t think I really have a favourite time of year and although Crisp mas is fun, I do not find the actual present day as fun as my brofur Ludo did as I find having to guard my presents so no other dog gets them a little bit stressful.

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