Arran is our Little Scamp.

He is four years old at the time of writing (Born in 2013). He is a Kennel Club registered Shetland Sheepdog and his kennel name is Elanmore Beach Boy. I love the Elanmore kennel and am lucky to count Katharine and Laura of Elanmore as my friend. Our Ludo was also from them. I’ve written a lot about Arran’s family which you can find here.

Arran is a very handsome little guy and he uses his good looks and charm to get away with a whole host of things. But he is very happy being messy.

Sheltie in bracken

He has a lot of cute little quirks and some annoying ones (he never quite outgrew feet biting). He is a loveable adorable little guy. He loves to be picked up and snuggled but will only allow special trusted people to actually touch him. He loves to lean in and really give you a good squishy hug. He will take treats from anyone though, if they are good treats. He is defender of the realm and will guard voraciously against any intruder to the house, garden, or general vicinity of those things. Whether that be against a blackbird, or a bin lorry, or just someone minding their own business.

He also barks in play, which he likes to do rather like a cat, ironically. Bitey face with Arthur is also popular. He has mellowed nicely as he’s grown and although he is rather Scampish in the house he has become really dependable outside of it. He’s my steady, reliable boy. He never bothers or causes bother with other dogs or walkers. He’s an earnest little guy with regards to training. He is very willing and very eager to get the treat but a bit anxious about being unsure of what to do. We do agility together and he loves it, when he is in the mood! We’ve got to grade 4, but had a bit of a stall, due to the arrival of our Squiggly. Sometimes he needs help over coming his fear of strange or new things but we usually get where we want to be.


Arran likes to be the boss of the other family dogs and he lets Arthur know this frequently. He tells him off if he thinks he is breaking a rule and he likes to try and trick him into giving up chews and the like by sounding the intruder alarm, even when there are no intruders. He grew up with Ludo treating him like that so I guess he’s passed it on. He missed Ludo terribly when he was on his own and he got quite stressed trying to do the house guarding by himself, he is definitely happier as part of a multi dog household. He loves all the family.