Border collie at Lake Ennerdale

Arthur came to join our family in 2016, shortly after we lost our very beloved sheltie Ludo to cancer. I had been looking at adding another dog to our family and found a great breeder with a litter due. We lost Ludo sooner than we had hoped and I had some doubts about whether continuing with the plan to add a puppy to the family would be right, but Arthur is a great, lively, character and he helped us all heal. Arran took to him right away and whilst they don’t snuggle, they have great fun playing and getting into mischief together.

Arthur was such an adorable, earnest puppy, quickly catching on to the house rules and he’s stayed that way as an adult. He loves to please and to get things right and he doesn’t bark nearly as much as Arran. He makes a good woowoo though. He gets very excited but he’s mostly able to calm himself down enough to still be able to concentrate on what ever we are trying to learn. He loves sussing things our for himself. Like learning to swim.

Arthur is a KC registered Border Collie, his Kennel name is Montaki Master of Magic and you can find his breeder’s website here. We’ve become a part of a wonderful family of dogs and their people through Kat, Arthur’s breeder, and we couldn’t be happier with our big puppy. (Puppy is his nickname, so he’s stuck as the forever puppy now!) Arthur is a joyous soul, happy with a toy, any toy, but especially a ball. He has a very athletic, powerful build, which he puts to good use romping enthusiastically around the countryside.


Puppy licking humanHe loves a cuddle and getting attention from friends and family, and well, just about anyone. He’s a good licker, with a very long tongue. But he does have his independent side. He likes hanging out underneath the table and he’s happy to go to sleep in the kitchen by himself rather than needing to be where we are all the time. He’s very like Ludo in that way.

We do some agility and Arthur is showing great drive and promise in his agility training. He can have some issues being a little testy with some dogs, but we’re working on it together and hope he’ll grow out of it as his hormones settle too.

We’re very luck to have our lovely boy!