Waww? Stone Circle!

Welcome to Where are we Wednesday! It’s me, little Scamp, to tell you!

We went to a place that Mum still had to tick off her ‘Cumbrian bucket list’ of famous places in Cumbria. Mum is not from Cumbria originally so there are lots of things she hasn’t done yet. Can you guess where we are going? Click the read more thingy to find out!

a man and two dogs walking towards stones

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Watch Arthur grow

Hurro, it’s me, Little Scamp!

Now about being little… we thought you might like to see some photos of Arthur growing. Mum stopped taking them after he’d got bigger than me. As you can see, I am smiling whilst he is smaller than me. But not once I realised he was going to be bigger! He was a lot easier to keep under paw when he was small. Although now I can walk right under him without touching, which is handy too.

As you can see, he also grew some spots on his legs. Mum calls them naughty spots and I agree. Although Mum says I am still the most Scampish.



Some of our family think he was a very serious looking puppy and because of his black and white suit he looked like a school boy. Although he is very good at learning (Mum says he is something called earnest) he is not really very serious. He was quite goofy and clumsy actually. But he does like to get things right which is why he is concentrating a lot in these photos.

Lickies, Arran!

Entertaining Squiggly

Hurro, it’s me, Arran!

All the people have been snotty and coughy for about two weeks now. It has been a bit boring. Arthur likes to try and clean up Squiggly’s face, he is not supposed to do lickings, but sometimes he can’t help himself.

We have been having to keep ourselves and Squiggly entertained. He can’t do tug of war yet, but he likes to watch.

Guess what? Squiggly is mobile now! He is shuffling around on all fours, just like a proper grown up dog. He can also do a kind of play bow. I bet soon he will be able to do zoomies with us.

Mum has been warning us that we might not like this part, but we do! He can get himself over to our toys and pick them up. Arthur is very excited that he might throw them because he has been trying to ask Squiggly to throw the toys for ages! For some reason Mum always rushes over and grabs them and says ‘puh, puh’. Which is the word she is using to try and teach him not to put things in his mouth. But that is where toys are supposed to go Mum!

We don’t mind sharing at all. In fact, Arthur keeps on giving Squiggly toys to play with. Squiggly thinks our toys are much more interesting than his toys. If he wants to swap I have my eye on some of his ‘not yours’. He has some nice wooden things that I would like to chew up. I have got a couple of them already. I like to make them into tiny bits.


He is also getting very good at sharing his food. He holds things out in his hand for us. Mum is mean and doesn’t let us take the things, which is quite rude I think.

Everyone seems to be getting better now, so maybe we will get to go on some car walkies again soon!

What do you like to do when your peoples are being boring?

~Lickies, Arran!



Where are we Wednesday?


Here’s a Where are We Wednesday that is also a Throw back Thursday.

Here’s our Angel Brother Ludo in front of a building in England, where people go to do learnings. Mum has been reading a new Philip Pulman book, which made her think of this visit.

Original post: Here!

Hey, WordPress told us we made 10 posts. Ludo would be proud. Or maybe annoyed that we ‘is doing the blog’ now.

Well, I be a bit proud and a bit annoyed. But i know it still my blog really!

Love, Arthur and Arran!

Real Snow!

Hi, it’s me, Arthur!

A couple of weeks ago I woke up and went out in the garden for my usual morning relief and it had gone all white! It was snow! It is the first time I have seen REAL snow on the ground. But I am a clever fellow so after I tasted some of it, ok, ok, a lot of it (Did you know you can eat snow, you can’t eat sea snow). I just did what I needed to do and came back in for my breakfast. After breakfast Arran suggested we do zoomies in it, so we did! Dad told us not to tread snow into the carpet though.

Then Mum got up and Squiggly was still asleep so we went out for a walk to the beach, just the three of us. Walks are always so fun! There were only a couple of other people out walking dogs and the people all chuckled to each other.

It was pretty cold!


But mostly I just run around really fast everywhere so I didn’t get too cold and Arran has all that furs, he is soo fluffy right now, when we play biteys I get his fur all the time. I don’t know what it is about the snow but it just makes you has to zoom!

Mum said it wasn’t very good snow, it was too powdery to make snowballs, but we had a go at catching some.



It was still pretty windy and snowy so we didn’t stay out long, but we did get some photos of the headland. Someone else stopped to take photos of us too and Arran barked at him I said ‘hello’ because I am sociable. Also, I like to put my paws on people, only, I’m not really supposed to. but I know they like it because they all make that fun squawky noise. Especially if I have just been in some mud.

Mum says the snow doesn’t usually settle on the coast so we best make the most of it whilst we can. Although most people don’t seem to like snow. I just don’t know why?



It keeps on snowing, but just a little bit. Just enough to make the roads all slippy and tricky, but we have everything we need. For some reason England doesn’t do very well with snow. I guess only children and dogs really enjoy it. Not Squiggly though, he has a cold so he’s not allowed to play in it with us. But maybe we’ll get some when he’s a bit bigger and better at throwing things?

I hope we get more snow! Maybe I could do swimmings in it?

Love, Arthur!

Optimal Positioning

Hurro, it’s me, Scamp!

The last couple of months, Squiggly has started eating real life food and not just milk. He eats a lot of things like vegetables,


but I am not fussy at all, whilst it is better to get things that smell good like bacon and bread, I am not too proud to eat a pea, or well, anything! But, being part of a pack, it is important to get what TND (our Dad) calls ‘Optimal Positioning’ 


Dog under highchair
Not Optimal

You might think I am in a very good position here. Well, I thought so too. I am as close as I can possibly get. Ready to sneak out and get the food no matter which direction it falls in. But, let me show you why this is not ‘Optimal Position.’

Food on back. Not in mouth

Yes. Food on back, not in mouth. That is the wrong place for food to be. It got all stuck in my fur and Mum had to pull it out. It was omelette, so it would have tasted good too.

Optimal Position achieved!

Much better. I am also making sure I am firmly between Arthur and the Squiggly. Because this way I do not have to growl and make sheltie angry faces at him to make him move away. Mum doesn’t like it when I do that by Squiggly’s feet. Plus it is not fair if Arthur gets nearest because he can do this.

Which is not very fair!

Dog with his nose at highchair level
Arthur has a big head!

Squiggly is being a very good boy at the moment and he is very generous and gives us lots of stuff. Sometimes Mum says ‘leave it’ (you gotta be quick with Mum), especially if he drops his spoon because at first we ate a couple of those, plus Mum likes to go wash them when they fall on the floor.

Good luck everyfur on achieving Optimal Positioning, whether it be by a highchair, a normal chair, a kitchen counter, or maybe someone eating an ice cream. I learnt my skills from my brofur Ludo who had really mastered the head on knee trick, but I’m a little too anxious about needing to look at the food to do that.

-Wiggles, Arran!

Walking at Ennerdale

Hi, It’s Arthur!

We lives in a place called the Lake District and it has a lot of lakes.

It not very imaginatively named, but that’s what happens when you let peoples name things and not dogs. I think I would have named it Happyjumpygrassysniffywater land, or maybe Arthur land. Which rolls off the tongue much better I thinks.

We like to walk the most at a Lake called Ennerdale, partly because it does not take too long to get there in the Arthur mobile but also because it has nice flat paths for the squiggly transportation device. Did you know I once got concussion from jumping into the Arthur mobile? Well I did, I had to go to the vet and get a light shone in my eyes and get medicine. I banged my head just above my eye so I had a bald spot for an eyebrow for a while. That is why it is important to wait to jump into places until the door is all the way open, or until your Mum says ‘ok’ which means you don’t have to wait anymore, even if you are REALLY excited and REALLY good at jumping.

Do you want to see Ennerdale?

Dog leaping into water

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A kind of Snow

Hurro Efurrybody!

Arthur here, with a weather report! You might know that it has been snowing in the UK in recent weeks. I have never seen this snow thing. Well, once I saw it falling from the sky, but it did not stay on the ground like in the pictures and I did not like it very much because it was strange and cold!

Our part of the UK hasn’t had any snow. But we have had lots of wind and sometimes when it is windy, the sea makes some snow.


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Where are we, Wednesday?


Welcome back to Where are we wednesday.

Last time, some of you, Bertie, Penny and Helen, very correctly guessed we were in Bourton-on-the-water in the Cotswolds. *claps* But I think ‘in the water’ was close enough!

This time can you guess where we are?





Highlight below for a clue.

If you would like a clue we are over looking Ruskin’s favourite lake and

what we are on has something to do with felines.