Crisp Mas Again!

Crisp mas is here, Crisp mas is here!

It’s me, little Scamp! I don’t think I really have a favourite time of year and although Crisp mas is fun, I do not find the actual present day as fun as my brofur Ludo did as I find having to guard my presents so no other dog gets them a little bit stressful.

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On Helping and Diets

Hurro, it’s me, Little Scamp!

I wanted to talk to you about how helpful I am and yet I have still been put on a diet. Have you heard of diets? It is where you get no extra food, less dinner AND you are not allowed to take food from the baby or eat the things he drops on the floor. What good is a baby if you cannot eat the things he drops on the floor?!! It is all that Ladee called Mum’s fault because she keeps saying I am over weight. I can always rely on Dad to sneak me some bits though.

Here are some reasons why I should not ever be on a diet.

  1. I love to eat food.
  2. It will be winter soon and I need insulation as I am moulting all my fur just now.
  3. I am very good at helping with the dishes. Much better than squiggly who just takes them back out again instead of licking them.

    Just put it on the floor Squiggly
  4. I am very helpful by guarding from intruders and barking at strange noises. We have had building work going on near our house for nearly two years now and I still make sure I am as vigilant as ever. Back when Squiggly was a little squiggly sometimes he would wake up and help me make lots of noise. I don’t know why this made Mum cry sometimes though…
  5. I am a good baby sitter.

    Don’t you think you should go get him Ladee?
  6. I am very good at being brushed. I never bite the brush like Ludo used to.

    It’s make a new Arran season
  7. I am very handsome. I get told all the time that I am. dsc_04598437643871287662138.jpg

8. I am still very good at helping with the chores, like chasing the vacuum cleaner or chewing up socks.

What do you think, if I present my case to mean old Ladee will I get to not be on a diet?

~Lickies, Arran!


Happy Birthday, Arran!

Hey, it’s my birthday! I am 5 whole years old!

I didn’t get anything to celebrate. And I got less dinner, because I am on a diet apparently. I looked in Arthur’s bowl and he got more than me. More more than he usually gets, which is a lot more!

We had a busy weekend, spending the whole day with our Dad and Squiggly with no Mum around. She went off to judge OTHER dogs doing agility. Then the next day we got up early and went to an agility show ourselves. I got spooked about the weird getting up early and tried not to go. I hid. But Mum made me go and I liked it once we got there. I even won a trophy for one of my runs and I got treats after all of them! I have had a bad leg so Mum was pretty pleased with me.

Arthur had his first show and he did ok I guess. But he didn’t get any trophies!

We did get to go to the beach, so I guess that is something. But really, I should have had a cake. Don’t you think?

Where is my cake!
In fact, where is my 5 cakes!

Sigh, diet’s are hard work.

Happy Birthday to me, Arran!

Waww? Stone Circle!

Welcome to Where are we Wednesday! It’s me, little Scamp, to tell you!

We went to a place that Mum still had to tick off her ‘Cumbrian bucket list’ of famous places in Cumbria. Mum is not from Cumbria originally so there are lots of things she hasn’t done yet. Can you guess where we are going? Click the read more thingy to find out!

a man and two dogs walking towards stones

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Optimal Positioning

Hurro, it’s me, Scamp!

The last couple of months, Squiggly has started eating real life food and not just milk. He eats a lot of things like vegetables,


but I am not fussy at all, whilst it is better to get things that smell good like bacon and bread, I am not too proud to eat a pea, or well, anything! But, being part of a pack, it is important to get what TND (our Dad) calls ‘Optimal Positioning’ 


Dog under highchair
Not Optimal

You might think I am in a very good position here. Well, I thought so too. I am as close as I can possibly get. Ready to sneak out and get the food no matter which direction it falls in. But, let me show you why this is not ‘Optimal Position.’

Food on back. Not in mouth

Yes. Food on back, not in mouth. That is the wrong place for food to be. It got all stuck in my fur and Mum had to pull it out. It was omelette, so it would have tasted good too.

Optimal Position achieved!

Much better. I am also making sure I am firmly between Arthur and the Squiggly. Because this way I do not have to growl and make sheltie angry faces at him to make him move away. Mum doesn’t like it when I do that by Squiggly’s feet. Plus it is not fair if Arthur gets nearest because he can do this.

Which is not very fair!

Dog with his nose at highchair level
Arthur has a big head!

Squiggly is being a very good boy at the moment and he is very generous and gives us lots of stuff. Sometimes Mum says ‘leave it’ (you gotta be quick with Mum), especially if he drops his spoon because at first we ate a couple of those, plus Mum likes to go wash them when they fall on the floor.

Good luck everyfur on achieving Optimal Positioning, whether it be by a highchair, a normal chair, a kitchen counter, or maybe someone eating an ice cream. I learnt my skills from my brofur Ludo who had really mastered the head on knee trick, but I’m a little too anxious about needing to look at the food to do that.

-Wiggles, Arran!

Saying Hurro


Hurro! I’m Arran, also known as Scamp and I get to do the first post on our new blog to tell you all about our home and the things that are important to us.

So, this is my food bowl. It gets put down over here near my day time bed. I like to do three spins before I get to it when it is put down.


Of course, it is better when it has food in it, but that doesn’t happen very often, only twice a day! I eat raw meat, but I am happy to have most any kind of food. People food is also welcome!

Even though I like food a lot, my bowl has to go in its proper place, otherwise I can not eat from it. When my bro-fur Ludo went to his forever sleep my mum lady tried to move my bowl into Ludo’s spot.

That is not right! Things have to go where they go. Like my harness, it has to hang up in the porch, not on the side somewhere. Not right!

Oh, I am being told I am going off topic. What else is important?

We like going for nice walkies, to the beach, or a woodland, or lake, or even just around a town. All of the Outside is pretty interesting.

Walking is fun!

We do agility and training with Mum and that is important because we get treats.

I have lived in my home since I was 9 weeks old and before that I lived with my fur-mum and my fur-sisters. I have a kennel club name too and that is Elanmore Beach Boy. I use it when I do agility. You can read more about my dog family from a post on my old blog here.

This year, (or, Mum says last year now, but human time isn’t really important to me) a new thing happened in our house and it made things really quite different because it is often more noisy and we have to wait for everyone to get ready when we go out for walks. It also means we have Mum home with us instead of going out to work, which is good. But also not good because now I don’t get my going out to work treat anymore. Boy, I loved that one, because it happened at the same time every day.


We got a human baby called Squiggly. He is really interesting, especially when he first arrived home with Mum and our Dad, who is called TNP, he was named by my bro-fur Ludo and it meant The new/nice person) TNP carried him in and he smelled soo interesting. Like all new stuff but familiar too. We both wanted to play with him but to be honest he is pretty useless in that regard. He is a bit bigger now but when he was this small we had to be super careful not to tread on him cos Our pawrents didn’t like that.

See how I am being a super good boy and leaning away to be extra sure I don’t step on him?

My other super important thing is barking. I like to bark to warn about intruders, or to play, or just cos I feel like it. We get a whole lot of intruders. Sometimes it’s a blackbird in the garden stealing stuff, sometimes it’s some person walking past. But I’m always there, ready to guard!

I hope you’ll come along and join us on our adventures on this blog.

With lots of woofs,