Black and White

Hello, It’s me, Arthur!

Ages ago, Ben, from Mucky Boots and Flawless Paws. Invited me to join in with the Black and White photo challenge he was doing. Because I am black and white!

I was just born this way. I didn’t have to do anything special. I do like being black and white because I stand out nicely against the landscape when I am playing Where’s Arthur. Apparently it is the most common colour of border collie and that makes me a classic. It was very nice of my pawrents to make me this colour, especially when peoples do fancy things to their photos to make them just like me. Don’t you think?

Anyway, thank you to Ben for inviting me. I do like being invited to things because then I get to go places. Places are the best! I haven’t done the challenge the proper way, because we don’t blog that often and you are not supposed to say words with the pictures. Arran says I am being a rebel. But I am not really very rebellious. I like to do what I am told and to be a Good Boy.

I got Mum to help me make my photos look just like me. All black and white. And grey!

I picked photos that show off my character.

Here I am all wild and mysterious and ruggedly handsome!
Here are my hidden depths. Hey, Mum, I am not even in this one!
Here I am playful (and sandy, that happens a lot)
Here I am relaxing
This is me as a pup, looking very soulful and thoughtful. I have brown eyes, so Mum left them so you can look deep into my soul.

That about sums me up, I think! Except, there are no ballies in the photo.

If you would like to do the challenge too, please do. Ben did a different picture each day, so maybe you could do it that way if you like.

Love, Arthur!