Waww? Stone Circle!

Welcome to Where are we Wednesday! It’s me, little Scamp, to tell you!

We went to a place that Mum still had to tick off her ‘Cumbrian bucket list’ of famous places in Cumbria. Mum is not from Cumbria originally so there are lots of things she hasn’t done yet. Can you guess where we are going? Click the read more thingy to find out!

a man and two dogs walking towards stones

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Where are we; Wednesday?

Instead of Wordless Wednesday I thought we might play ‘Where are We?’ Wednesday instead.

See if you can guess where Ludo and Arran are in the photo below. I’ll reveal the answer next Wednesday. This picture was not taken in the Lake District, although it has some similarities in that is a popular English Tourist destination down south and it also features water. The area is famed for having yellow stone buildings.

(I think you can click the picture to bigify)