Where are we Wednesday?


Here’s a Where are We Wednesday that is also a Throw back Thursday.

Here’s our Angel Brother Ludo in front of a building in England, where people go to do learnings. Mum has been reading a new Philip Pulman book, which made her think of this visit.

Original post: Here!

Hey, WordPress told us we made 10 posts. Ludo would be proud. Or maybe annoyed that we ‘is doing the blog’ now.

Well, I be a bit proud and a bit annoyed. But i know it still my blog really!

Love, Arthur and Arran!


Where are we, Wednesday?


Welcome back to Where are we wednesday.

Last time, some of you, Bertie, Penny and Helen, very correctly guessed we were in Bourton-on-the-water in the Cotswolds. *claps* But I think ‘in the water’ was close enough!

This time can you guess where we are?





Highlight below for a clue.

If you would like a clue we are over looking Ruskin’s favourite lake and

what we are on has something to do with felines.


Where are we; Wednesday?

Instead of Wordless Wednesday I thought we might play ‘Where are We?’ Wednesday instead.

See if you can guess where Ludo and Arran are in the photo below. I’ll reveal the answer next Wednesday. This picture was not taken in the Lake District, although it has some similarities in that is a popular English Tourist destination down south and it also features water. The area is famed for having yellow stone buildings.

(I think you can click the picture to bigify)