Happy Birthday Arthur!

Hello |Efurrybody!

It’s me, Arthur. Do you know, I had another gettoopenthings day. Just like that Christmas thing we had not to long ago apart from only I got to open things! It was called My Birthday. Now I am two years old and all grown up. I still get called puppy though, no matter how big I get.

Guess what was inside my thing to open?

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Entertaining Squiggly

Hurro, it’s me, Arran!

All the people have been snotty and coughy for about two weeks now. It has been a bit boring. Arthur likes to try and clean up Squiggly’s face, he is not supposed to do lickings, but sometimes he can’t help himself.

We have been having to keep ourselves and Squiggly entertained. He can’t do tug of war yet, but he likes to watch.

Guess what? Squiggly is mobile now! He is shuffling around on all fours, just like a proper grown up dog. He can also do a kind of play bow. I bet soon he will be able to do zoomies with us.

Mum has been warning us that we might not like this part, but we do! He can get himself over to our toys and pick them up. Arthur is very excited that he might throw them because he has been trying to ask Squiggly to throw the toys for ages! For some reason Mum always rushes over and grabs them and says ‘puh, puh’. Which is the word she is using to try and teach him not to put things in his mouth. But that is where toys are supposed to go Mum!

We don’t mind sharing at all. In fact, Arthur keeps on giving Squiggly toys to play with. Squiggly thinks our toys are much more interesting than his toys. If he wants to swap I have my eye on some of his ‘not yours’. He has some nice wooden things that I would like to chew up. I have got a couple of them already. I like to make them into tiny bits.


He is also getting very good at sharing his food. He holds things out in his hand for us. Mum is mean and doesn’t let us take the things, which is quite rude I think.

Everyone seems to be getting better now, so maybe we will get to go on some car walkies again soon!

What do you like to do when your peoples are being boring?

~Lickies, Arran!