Dog Agility

Hurro! Arthur here!


We sure kept you waiting a long time to find out where we were in this last photo! Mum got real busy all of a sudden. I think it happened at about the same time Squiggly learnt how to walk… but I could be wrong.

We were actually at Agility! Every year Mum goes to a big agility show called Lune and Dad comes along and we all get to stay in a hotel. I have stayed in one hotel before in Scotland and I really liked it. Now, since this photo I have stayed in four hotels! Hotels sure are funny. They are like being in your own house, except you have to go on a car ride to get to them. You are in a big house with other people where they sometimes bring you food. You all get to stay in a bedroom together and you eat your dinner in there instead of in the kitchen. In fact, you are not even allowed in hotel kitchens, can you imagine that at home? I don’t know if my peoples are allowed in them, I have never seen them go in there but who knows what they get up to when they go out by themselves!

Anyway, back to agility. I have been doing agility shows since the start of summer. I started off pretty well and I even got this thing that I am not allowed to play with but Mum seems to like. Arran has already got some and now I have one too.

I really like agility. It is SO exciting. First we have to wait and watch the other dogs run around which makes me want to run around and then me and Mum get our turn and  we run and jump and bark together. I am supposed to listen to the directions Mum gives me, but it doesn’t really matter if I don’t. I get a bit too excited sometimes whilst waiting my turn and I bark at other dogs in the queue and Mum says then my excitement is turning to stress. We need to work on that a bit. But Mum thinks I could be really good one day.

The other good thing about agility shows is that I got to meet up with some of my siblings at them. This is my brother Theo.


And this is my sister Luna.


Can you tell which black and white collie I am? Mum can tell me from a line up because of the back smudge on my nose.

I think we might get to do one show over winter, but if not, that’s it till April now!

Sorry that we have been absent!

Love, Arthur!


Happy Birthday Arthur!

Hello |Efurrybody!

It’s me, Arthur. Do you know, I had another gettoopenthings day. Just like that Christmas thing we had not to long ago apart from only I got to open things! It was called My Birthday. Now I am two years old and all grown up. I still get called puppy though, no matter how big I get.

Guess what was inside my thing to open?

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Black and White

Hello, It’s me, Arthur!

Ages ago, Ben, from Mucky Boots and Flawless Paws. Invited me to join in with the Black and White photo challenge he was doing. Because I am black and white!

I was just born this way. I didn’t have to do anything special. I do like being black and white because I stand out nicely against the landscape when I am playing Where’s Arthur. Apparently it is the most common colour of border collie and that makes me a classic. It was very nice of my pawrents to make me this colour, especially when peoples do fancy things to their photos to make them just like me. Don’t you think?

Anyway, thank you to Ben for inviting me. I do like being invited to things because then I get to go places. Places are the best! I haven’t done the challenge the proper way, because we don’t blog that often and you are not supposed to say words with the pictures. Arran says I am being a rebel. But I am not really very rebellious. I like to do what I am told and to be a Good Boy.

I got Mum to help me make my photos look just like me. All black and white. And grey!

I picked photos that show off my character.

Here I am all wild and mysterious and ruggedly handsome!
Here are my hidden depths. Hey, Mum, I am not even in this one!
Here I am playful (and sandy, that happens a lot)
Here I am relaxing
This is me as a pup, looking very soulful and thoughtful. I have brown eyes, so Mum left them so you can look deep into my soul.

That about sums me up, I think! Except, there are no ballies in the photo.

If you would like to do the challenge too, please do. Ben did a different picture each day, so maybe you could do it that way if you like.

Love, Arthur!


Where’s Arthur?

Hi, I’m Arthur and I am here!


If you haven’t met me yet, I am a Black and White Border Collie and I am not yet two years old, so I am really just a big puppy. So It’s ok that sometimes I get called a ‘clumsy oaf’ or, ‘watch your big paws’. Most of the time I am quite graceful, honest! I only sometimes get told off by Arran because I barrelled into him, it’s just not as easy as you might think to find your breaks. Especially when you are built to run and leap around after sheep (or tennis balls), like I am. Do you know what sheep are? They are animals that you can find out in the outside, they just roam around the countryside, for some reason and they are very important ‘Leave Its’. Which means you cannot chase them or even look like you might chase them or even get too close to them. When I was younger I would get treats and my special toys for doing good ignorings of the sheep and looking at my people instead. Now I just walk past them like they are a bush or something, only, I don’t leave any pee mail on them.

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