Crisp Mas Again!

Crisp mas is here, Crisp mas is here!

It’s me, little Scamp! I don’t think I really have a favourite time of year and although Crisp mas is fun, I do not find the actual present day as fun as my brofur Ludo did as I find having to guard my presents so no other dog gets them a little bit stressful.



But, I do like to get food and during Crisp mas month we get to eat a treat out of a box every single day!

We went and got the tree too and that is fun to rub under. Squiggly does not remember that the tree is here and every morning he comes down and is quite surprised to see it. Although Mum cannot manage to get a photo of all of us, or even of the two of us because Squiggly keeps getting in the photo. She really needs to work on teaching Squiggly a good down stay, I think.

He and Arthur are being very good and not taking the decorations off of the tree so far. Do you like to take the decorations off the tree?


It has been pretty wet and windy here but we have also had some good for walkies days too.

On our beach


Arthur loves when the seaweed is all washed up after a storm
At Ennerdale

We have people family visiting at the moment and I am being very good and almost letting the childrens touch me. Although mostly I move out of their way. I just don’t think that it is polite for people to touch me unless I know them very well… Or maybe if they have very good food.

Lickies, Arran!


6 thoughts on “Crisp Mas Again!

  1. Merlin: your tree looks great and we think any box with once a day treats is great. Shouldn’t that happen all year?
    River: I don’t like it when new people come to close either but if I’m not careful Merlin gets all the treats on offer.


  2. Hi there Scamp, I think you are right to be wary of random people touching you. I think they should always ask nicely first.
    Can that handsome little boy really be Squiggly! Does he still squiggle?
    Toodle pip!


  3. That’s beautiful tree. We haven’t put ours up yet, we’ll do it, not this weekend, but next. There will be two Squiggleys at our Christmas, one 10 months and one 11 months, who knows they might even start walking.


  4. Hi Arran! What a wonderful tree! Maybe YOU could show Squiggly a down stay. I’m sure he can learn it, he seems quite smart and eager to please. Then all 3 of you could be in one picture, especially if you offer him treats to stay. You can work on that when you’re not guarding your presents or avoiding unwanted touching. On second thought it might have to wait till after the New Year when you have more time.


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